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STEP 3 : Select the appropriate Workspace

After logging in, you will see three tabs :

  • Private workspace is yours and yours alone. No one else has access to it.
  • Shared workspace : to share data between members who have access to that specific folder.
  • Public workspace : everything here is automatically readable by everyone who has access to the MDA (also non NIOO users)

Permissions to these folders are necessary for viewing and/or writing information. These can be given by the administrator and are :

  • read only : you can view the files and their metadata
  • write limited : you can upload files and create subfolders. You can also modify, move or delete your own files and folders
  • write full : you can upload files and create subfolders. You can also modify, move or delete files and folders from everyone. This permission is only for the workgroup responsibles :

In the three workspaces, depending on your permissions, you can perform several actions at folder-level :

STEP 4 : Create a new folder

New Folder : create a subfolder from your root directory. You have to specify a folder name (mandatory) and can submit a description of the Folder.
Other folder actions
  • Modify or Edit Folder : modify or edit the name and description of your folder.
  • Move Folder : move your folder to a different directory and/or another Workspace. This button allows also moving you personal folder to the shared or public folder (if you have the necessary permissions). Choose the destination of your folder in the Move Folder form
  •   Delete Folder : folders can only be deleted if they are empty.
  • Upload New File : see file actions
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