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There are some general guidelines to store data in a proper way. Following these, is a step towards good archiving!

  • For describing metadata, make sure these items are present :
      parameters and units
      used instruments, protocols and information on calibration (link to publication)
      georeference stations (coordinate systems, depth, height)
      date and time
      who collected data, in which framework
      publications or other information sources linked with data

  • For spreadsheets :
      first sheet contains metadata
      describe every sheet (include calculations)
      separate raw data from analyzed data
      format raw data: can be imported in statistical programs (cases and variables)
      crossmatch with ‘example file’ (can be found in the Public Folder of the Archive

  • For relational databases :
      describe clearly table fields
      relational structure – referential integrity
      avoid redundancy, avoid null values

  • Treat your data with care :
      submit data to Deep Archive at key moments (end of project, end of study, after publication)
      perform quality control (standardize taxonomy)
      share your data with others by integrating
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